Woman Finds Puppy Alone In Alley Howling In Agony And Gives Her Help She Needs

Leela was found hurt and alone in an alley. The Great Pyrenees/Collie/English Foxhound was rescued and given a home, and most importantly, love.

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Lindsey Hanna shared Leela’s story:

“This right here is my best friend at her worst hour. We found her one October evening in an alley, alone, howling in agony, begging for help. That same night she was rushed to the vet and had to have her right eye removed. Her chances of survival were slim and not many people had faith in her.”

“I had faith in her along with other volunteers. With the love and care everyone provided the little puppy took her first steps into a better life.”


“Less than two weeks later those little first steps were now giant leaps. We named her Leela from Futurama because she was our one eye’d, independent, strong little lady with a mind of her own!”


“After her first bath her personality really came out! It was then I knew I wanted to adopt her myself…”


“She is a cat lover as long as the cat isn’t on my lap.”


“She helps me pick out my clothes.”


“She hattteesss the vets.”


“I’m a dog groomer so she is my subject of work on slow days!”


“She takes it like a champ!”


“If I let her she would sleep on my keyboard like a kitty.”


“She makes sure I’m safe at all times. That includes when I’m in the potty!”


“She lets me know when she wants my attention.”


“She hogs up half of my bed.”


“She stretches with me every morning when we wake up together.”


“Sometimes her faces are even better than mine!”


“So overall I think this picture sums it up. Taken today, January 26th, 2013 at 5 months old, Leela the one-eyed puppy is happy and healthy at home with me. She is my dog, my best friend, and the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”


“Without the small organization, Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP), who healed and paid for all of Leela’s medications and surgery, Leela would not be here today so please visit www.adoptastray.com and consider adopting or donating!!”

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