Rescue Dog Happily Digs Impressive Hole In Backyard

Many dogs like to dig, but not every dog can dig a hole like this one! In the video shared by the dog’s guardian, the dog is busily at work in the yard of their home in Capim Branco, Brazil.

As the man approaches the hole, the size of becomes clearer and it’s impressive! “We have 12 rescues and one of them likes to dig from time to time,” says the guardian of the rescue dog. “This is his latest and one of his biggest holes.”

The man whistles for the doggie “excavator” to leave his hole but the dog is very busy. He even voices his protest with a cute bark – it’s like he’s protesting having to leave his work!

When he emerges his snout is covered with dirt but we swear the happy dog has a smile on his face!

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the version below:

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