Rescue Animals Put On An Incredible Theatre Show That Wows Crowd

For pet lovers, nothing beats a theatrical performance starring rescued cats and dogs and other animals.

Pet Shenanigans in Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia features former shelter animals and rescued pets performing a spectacular set of tricks that sees them running and jumping through an elaborate stage set with doors and windows.

The animals are all driven by encouragement-based training and plenty of love. Wait until you see the cameo appearance of one animal at the end that got the crowd cheering!

It’s an incredible show to watch – these animals are superstars and every single one deserves a home. And according to Dana Helen Reminsky, who works at the theme park, that’s what happens. She says that at the end of the season all of the animals in the show are put up for adoption.

Here’s another angle of the show to watch.

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