Heroic Rat Terrier Saves Young Girl by Thwarting Would Be-Kidnapper

What this small Rat Terrier mix named Sassy did makes her a hero in my eyes!

15-year-old Sarah McKelvie was lucky to escape a would-be kidnapper thanks to Sassy! The young girl had just dropped off her two younger sisters at their nearby elementary school in Marietta, Georgia, when she noticed a man drive past her and stop his truck in front of a house.

At first she thought he was picking someone up, and she continued walking with Sassy by her side. But when she passed by the man, he jumped out of his truck and grabbed her by the wrist. That’s when Sassy “went crazy” and bit the man on the ankle, causing him to release her. While he was checking his ankle, Sarah ran away.

Sassy stopped an attempted abduction. Photo credit: WSB-TV.

“Who knows what would have happened if the dog hadn’t reacted to that sudden movement by the suspect as he actually grabbed the young lady by the wrist,” Sgt. Dana Pierce with the Cobb County Police Department told WSB-TV.

Sarah’s mom, Jennifer Jones, is incredibly relieved Sarah is all right and that Sassy was there to protect her. She told WXIA that the 4-years-old dog is the big baby of the family but “apparently very protective of my girls”.

Sarah was shaken by the experience but was able to give police a detailed description of the man and a sketch has been released by police.

Sketch of Cobb County suspect

Sketch of suspect released by Cobb County Police.

He is described as a middle-aged black male, about 5’10″, with an average build. He was last seen driving a newer model white truck with scratches on the side and rear. The incident occurred on Thursday January 29, 2015 on Darnell Road near Barber Road in Marietta around 7 a.m. Anyone with information is asked to contact them.

Sassy’s family is hoping he gets caught soon. Meanwhile, Jennifer says she’s very thankful of her little hero!

Scary! I’m so glad that Sassy was there to protect her!

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