Man Buy $2 Photo At Junk Shop Only To Learn It Could Be Worth Millions

It’s the dream of every thrift shop shopper or amateur collector – paying almost nothing for an item that turns out to be incredibly valuable.

That’s what happened to Randy Guijarro, who paid $2 for an old box a photos at a California junk shop only to later discover that one of the photos could be worth up to $5 million!


Photo source: Kagins

The photo is so valuable because of who’s in the photo – Billy the Kid with his gang the Regulators. The photo from 1878 shows them playing croquet and is only the second photo of Billy known in existence.

Kagins, Inc. who researched and authenticated the photo calls it the “Holy Grail of Western Photography” and one of the rarest photos in existence.

Not bad for a $2 purchase!

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