Puppies Rescued From Drowning In Tar Pits By Good Samaritans

Two dogs were saved from certain death by a group of Airsoft players who heard the dogs’ cries for help. The Axios Airsoft Group found the puppies submerged in a tar at a pit located 10 kilometers from Antofagasta, Chile.


Photo credit: YouTube

The puppies were covered in tar and sinking fast.


Photo credit: YouTube

Thinking quickly, the rescuers used rope and rubber tires to pull the two puppies to freedom. The video below captures the dramatic rescue.

After being pulled from the tar pit, the female and male dogs were gently cleaned before being rushed to the animal rescue, Gatos Abandonados Antofagasta (Abandoned Cats Antofagasta).

Animal rescuers went back to the area where the dogs were found and discovered six more dogs dead in a neighboring tar pit. It is suspected someone threw the dogs into the pits on purpose.

Meanwhile, volunteers worked fast to scrub the sticky tar off the two surviving puppies.

Tar can cause blindness and respiratory distress, so it was important that the sticky substance be removed as soon as possible.

The two dogs were named Lancelot and Laica.

Once they were cleaned they were taken to the vet, where it was discovered the two puppies had canine distemper.

Both puppies managed to pull through, and the rescue received much-needed donations to help with their medical expenses.


Photo credit: Gatos Abandonados Antofagasta

Lancelot and Laica have recovered since their terrible ordeal and are in loving hands.

They are healthy and happy. The pair have appeared on television and at many public events in Chile to help educate the public on animal cruelty.

What an amazing rescue story. Lancelot and Laica were so lucky that the group of men and women were there to find and save them!

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