Policeman Bravely Crosses Dangerous Highway To Rescue Puppy

A policeman is being hailed as a hero after he stopped oncoming traffic to save a puppy stuck on the Panamericana Sur, Peru’s largest highway. The dog had somehow managed to run across 5 lanes of traffic and got stuck on the meridian.

The terrified puppy was huddled by the concrete block until Officer Juan Manuel Iman Zena took action. Video taken by Carolina Carol shows the policeman holding up his hand to stop traffic and slowly making his way across the road to reach the puppy.

He picked him up and  then made his way back across the dangerous roadway to the relief of happy onlookers. A young boy can be heard in the video cheering on the policeman, saying “He saved him, hoorah!”

The dog had tags on and was reunited with her owners soon after.

Below, a shortened version of Officer Zena’s brave actions:

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