Awesome Police Officer Sits In The Cold With Lost Dogs Until Help Arrives

A Kansas City police officer became an instant hero when he was caught on camera comforting two lost dogs while waiting for help to arrive. Drivers saw the unnamed officer by the roadside sitting in the grass with the two dogs. Debbie Davis went as far as snapping a photo, which she posted to Facebook.

Debbie Davis told FOX 4 News that as she pulled up she saw a motorcycle cop “sitting in the cold grass with two stray – or what appears to be stray dogs, just sitting there petting them.”

It was later reported that the two dogs named Bear and Leonidis had escaped their yard. Soon after they were taken to the KC Pet Shelter, they were reunited with their grateful owners. The cop wished to remain anonymous, but his act of kindness was applauded by thousands, especially the dogs’ parents!

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