Photographer Always Brings Dogs On Adventures, Captures Their Wonderful Moments Together

Photographer Anne Geier was looking for a new topic to focus her camera on. Having taken photos of dogs throughout the seasons, she wanted something that would build on her already impressive portfolio. When she looked at her own dogs, Finn and Yuri, the project she should do next became clear – adventure.

“I take my dogs to almost every leisure activity,” Geier told “Whether hiking, traveling or camping, ski touring or tobogganing my dogs accompany me on every adventure.”

“The role of dogs has changed a lot over the years,” the Austrian photographer said. “Today they are family members, our friends, our companions in everyday life and of course the most important adventure buddies. And let’s be honest, what would be an adventure without our beloved fur noses?”

That’s why her latest series – entitled “Adventure Dogs” – is so dear to her heart.

For the photos, Geier visited several outdoor locations and worked with a number of dogs (including her own).

Sometimes she uses props like a boat or a backpack, but for the most part, the dogs are simply enjoying the outdoors in mountains and lakes throughout Europe, in places like Italy’s Dolomites.

“It was very nice to work with different dogs,” Geier added. “Some things – like staying in the backpack or staying on the boat was a little bit challenging for them, but every time you could see how happy the dogs were when they master it… you could see how proud they were….and these were so many wonderful moments.”

Geier her latest beautiful photos with and we’re sure you’ll find them as captivating as we do.

“My absolute favorite picture. Why? – because it just reflects the very special connection that Finn and Yuri have to each other,” said Geier.

“Lake of Sorapis (in Italy). One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. This lake at 2311 m above sea level, surrounded by these rugged ridges, with this milky turquoise color pulls one right into its spell,” Geier wrote.

“This place radiates its own calm…. A rest that you can only enjoy in the early morning hours.”

“It was worth the hike at 5 in the morning. Because after well an hour rest spin here after and after people…. and in masses.”

All photographs published on with permission from Anne Geier. Be sure to enjoy her pictures of dogs in Autumn and throughout the seasons.

You can see more of Anne Geier’s stunning photography on Facebook, 500px and her website. Her newest calendar “Adventure Dogs” is available through her website.

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