Beautiful Photos of Dogs In The Summer Capture Their Soulful Essence

When it comes to photographing dogs, Austrian photographer Anne Geier is one of the best.

She’s been photographing dogs for nearly ten years and loves taking portrait photos of her four-legged subjects in nature, where the beautiful backdrops of lakes, trees and meadows perfectly complement her furry companions.

In this spectacular collection of photos, the dogs are enjoying spring and summer. From the beautiful portrait shots of a Weimaraner and Rottweiler, to the playful pictures of puppies and Dachshunds among wildflowers, there’s a photo for every dog lover to enjoy.

Geier shared her stunning photos with and we’re sure you’ll find them as wonderful as we do.

All photographs published on with permission from Anne Geier.

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You can also see more of Anne Geier’s incredible dog photography on her website and on Facebook and 500px.

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