Woman Builds Awesome Backyard Patio By Repurposing Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets normally used to transport goods are increasingly being upcycled into many do-it-yourself projects. This particular project is one of the more ambitious ones, and also one that people with a backyard and a budget will really appreciate.

Imgurian Redheadfox took 43 raw pallets and transformed them into a gorgeous patio for her family’s backyard!

Take a look at the steps that went into making the family’s patio. They started by sanding the pallets smooth to get rid of any slivers or splinters.

And to prep them for painting. Next, they covered each pallet in primer and then painted each one using an air-painting gun.

The pallets needed to dry.

They then picked a spot where the deck would go and laid down a geotextile fabric that would be the base and keep the grass from growing between the wood. The blue one in the picture is for the pool.

The pallets for flooring were spread over the fabric.

Several palettes were placed upright to create a fence.

The fence is kept in place by attaching it to the mesh fence behind with some steel rods and wire. Then several pallets were set down to act as bench chairs and a table.

Add a little picket fence in the front and around the edges, some bright cushions.

Plant some flowers around the picket fence. Put down some snacks and drinks and get ready to toast the finished project!

This looks very comfortable and a perfect place to relax after a dip in the pool.

A nice place for some small get-togethers with friends or summer night pool parties.

It’s a great place to relax with a cocktail or enjoy breakfast with friends on a beautiful summer day. Share this awesome home project with your family and friends!

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