This Onion Remedy Is Thought To Heal Ear Aches

Onions are well known for their immune-fighting abilities. Just like garlic, onions have long been used to ward off colds, flus and infection. They also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Onions are not only healthy when cooked in foods, but they can also be used topically in a variety of ways to “leech” out infections.

One such natural remedy is using a piece of onion, or onion juice, to help clear up ear aches. Courtney Brad explains how she uses onion juice to help her fight ear infections in the video below.

Another way onion can be used to combat ear aches is to take the “heart” of an onion and place the slice in your ear and leave it there overnight.

Onion juice steeped in hot water can be also used as an expectorant to help with upper respiratory infections. It may taste awful, but apparently it works.

This looks like a good trick if you want to try another solution before using antibiotics. Or if you are in a bind and can’t get to the doctor right away, this may help temporarily. It goes without saying, that if the ear infection persists, please go see a doctor!

I’m certainly going to give this a try the next time I have a sore ear. Share this natural remedy with your friends and family!

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