Two Brothers Support Each Other Through Thick And Thin

My heart melted when I found out what this boy did for his younger brother! Eight-year-old Noah Aldrich didn’t want his disabled 6-year-old brother Lucas to feel left out of a youth triathlon so decided to race with him. Lucas was born with a rare brain malformation that prevents him from speaking, eating on his own and has confined him to a wheelchair.


Credit: via Aldrich family

“I like everything about him, he’s perfect,” Noah told NBC News affiliate KTVB about Lucas. That bond of love inspired Noah to race with Lucas by his side.

After he told his parents he wanted to race with his brother, Noah trained for three months and learned how to swim for the YMCA Youth Triathalon in Boise, Idaho.


Credit: via the Aldrich family

It was a sweltering hot day for the race but that did not deter Noah from pushing and pulling his brother through all three legs.

First, Noah pulled Lucas in an inflatable raft in the swimming portion, then biked for three miles while pulling Lucas in a bike trailer ( which weighed almost 100 pounds in total!), and finally, Noah pushed Lucas in a special buggy in the running portion of the race.


Credit: via the Aldrich family

Noah and Lucas impressed spectators with their extraordinary race.


Credit: via the Aldrich family

Lucas had a fantastic time and had the “biggest grin” on his face throughout the race and Noah was very happy to have done the race with his brother.

“They have an amazing bond. They’re best friends and they do everything together,” mom Alissa Aldrich told TODAY Parents. “The connection and the love that they share is truly unique.” She added, “Our goal with the whole thing was just to have fun. You can live life without limits.”

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