700-Pound Moose Trapped On Railroad Bridge Gets Rescued

Vermont Fish & Wildlife came to the rescue of a moose trapped on a railroad trestle bridge in the dead of winter. The moose had somehow fallen between the slats and couldn’t pull herself up. Vermont Fish and Wildlife officers needed a team of people to free her because she weighted around 700 pounds!

The first thing they did was sedate the moose and then got her into a sling so she could be carried. They had to take extra care because she weighed so much!

Fortunately Vermont Rail System provided a truck with a crane that could lift her to safety. With the assistance of the Springfield Fire Department the game wardens and wildlife biologists were able to relocate her nearby. Fortunately, the moose wasn’t frightened by the entire ordeal and she successfully went back to her home in the forest!

Vermont Fish & Wildlife wrote of the moose’s successful rescue, “Such recoveries are many times not successful. It’s great to see that in this case it ended well for those involved and for this very fortunate moose.”

More footage of the remarkable rescue can be seen in the video below.

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