Dog Stared at The Shelter Wall and Refused to Budge Until A Miracle Happened

When a young dog arrived at the Carroll County Animal Shelter in Kentucky he was so terrified of his new surroundings that he moved to a corner in his kennel, faced the wall and refused to budge. Nobody wants dogs like this.

dog faces wall

Russell at the shelter. Photo credit: Tammie Crawford

He and his six siblings were surrendered to the small, rural shelter, their history unknown. But one thing was clear, the dog named Russell was so frightened that shelter workers could not evaluate his personality. They also knew that he had little hope of being rescued given his poor mental state.

But then Tammie Crawford, the director of animal support for the facility, took a photo of Russell and posted it to Facebook. Russell’s luck was about to change, as dog lovers networked for the poor dog to get saved.

Thanks to the photo above, Russell and 5 other dogs went to the Stray Animal Adoption Program. There it was determined that Russell was actually a “she” not a “he”!! Renamed Rosalind Russell she was adopted by a wonderful family. In her new loving surroundings she blossomed and made wonderful progress!

Here’s a photo of Rosalind Russell feeling much happier and safer!


Russell (Rosalind) now. Photo credit: Facebook

Rosalind Russell’s story is important in so many ways. Please share Rosalind Russell’s story and encourage friends looking to adopt a dog to take a second look at the ones nobody else wants.

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