Chihuahua Meets His Baby Human Sister For The Very First Time

Milo the long-haired Chihuahua meets his baby sister for the very first time and it turns out to be a precious moment his family will remember forever. His reaction? From the moment he sees mom and the baby walk through the door his tail is wagging excitedly. But when it comes time to say “hello” to his little human he’s as gentle as can be.

And notice what Milo does with his toy … what this really means is much more than “play with me”. According to the “11 Ways Dogs Tell You They Love You“, Milo is trying to share something he really values with his new little sister.

Every parent should prepare their dog for a new baby’s arrival. Some experts say it’s a good idea to bring an article of the baby’s clothing from the hospital back home for a dog to smell before the baby arrives, that way the dog can become familiar with the baby’s scent.

Milo’s parents must be so proud. Watch their heartwarming first meeting in the video below.

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