Man Wakes Up After Being In A Decade-Long Coma And Makes The Most Startling Claim

Trapped inside his own body for over a decade, Martin Pistorius’ story is an incredible one. When he was 12 years old he got sick and slowly slipped into a state where he was unable to move or communicate.

His doctors thought it was a degenerative illness, and told his parents that he was unaware of the world around him. But he was. Pistorius could see and hear everything around him, but no one noticed…not until 10 years later.

Pistorius had many painful experiences during his ordeal, but he also learned a tremendous amount about people. His recollection about his mother, and her subsequent confession are especially poignant. Watch this remarkable man’s interview with NBC below.

For those interested in reading more, Martin Pistorious’ autobiography “Ghost Boy” is available from Amazon.

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