Watch The Satisfying Way This Man Unstacks Chairs

It’s always satisfying to see someone who excels at a job no matter what it is. There are bricklayers who cleverly use a domino trick to get the job done. And tree-cutters who free eagles from a kite string. Or there are workers like this young man at a holiday resort.

A vacationer to the Spanish town of Benidorm noticed hotel employee with a stack of plastic chairs he needed to set up for an event and filmed the young man unstacking the chairs in an impressive way.

He’s certainly got skills. The man’s technique has impressed many viewers. One viewer on YouTube commented, “Not his first rodeo! Hire this guy to do anything, he’s going to figure out how to level up. Give this man a raise and promote him to doing something more; he’s worth it.”

Another fellow commiserated that he had a similar job but it wasn’t as easy. “Too bad I had to work with folding chairs when I worked at a party rental. I got paid at least 200 a day though (only weekends), so I was fine busting my ass for a few hours. Learned a lot about working efficiently & effective time management!”

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