Man Heroically Catches Cat Falling From Building

Talk about a lucky cat and a lucky sister! Özgür Anlı was relaxing at a cafe in Turkey when he noticed a cat across the street. That cat was in trouble and just happened to be in the apartment building where his sister lives.

When he went over he recognized the cat as his sister’s! The cat was three stories up (about 50 feet up) and had gotten out of a window and was desperately hanging from the ledge.

He told the Dodo that he immediately went under the window as he “felt the cat would fall at that moment.”

And a moment later the cat did indeed slip!

Thankfully Anlı was there in the nick of time and the cat fell into his open arms.

The cat, whose name is Latte, has all of her nine lives intact thanks to Anlı.

“He’s a hero,” Anlı’s sister said of her brother. They say they’ve taken steps to ensure Latte is never in that kind of danger again.

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