Mama Dog Helps Rescuers Raise 16 Puppies, Becomes Like Puppy Herself

A stray mama dog helped rescuers save a litter of puppies that were not her own. The Spanish Galgo had been spotted as a stray and rescued by Galgos Del Sol Animal Rescue.

When they rescued Alejandra, they didn’t know she was pregnant. But a few weeks after she had given birth to nine puppies, she would become a mother to seven more.

Rescuers found the orphaned puppies and wondered if Alejandra could become their surrogate mother. She was really happy to look after the puppies and instantly loved the pups just like they were her own. Rescuers say she became “Super mom!” They made sure to spoil her (while helping her with taking care of so many puppies) and as her puppies grew, rescuers noticed that Alejandra became more like a puppy herself.

Finally, with all the pups finding new homes, it was Alejandra’s turn – she now has an amazing family in Finland!

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