Happy-Go-Lucky Pug Doesn’t Let Brain Disorder Stop Her From Enjoying Life To The Fullest

Meet Loca. She’s a happy Pug who loves her family dearly. She’s fantastic at giving hugs and kisses but there’s one thing this special pug doesn’t do well, and that’s run. That’s because Loca has a mild neurological disorder that gets in the way. But she doesn’t let it stop her from playing with her siblings and enjoying life!

Even though “she’s the pug that couldn’t run”, her family in Ireland reassures everyone that Loca is well loved and cared for. They write:

“Just so everyone understands, Loca suffers from a mild brain disorder [cerebellar ataxia]. It is operable but risky and as the vet says she is unaware anything is wrong with her and will live a long and healthy life, we decided not to risk losing her. She is loved by all, spoilt rotten and closely protected by the other dogs and lives her life to the full despite her difficulty running. All that said, she is very funny to watch so we thought we should share with others and hope she brings as much joy to you as she does to us.”

She really is the sweetest, happy-go-lucky pug I’ve seen!

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