Boxer Dog Becomes Adorable Crybaby When She Isn’t Getting Enough Attention

Ginny Bebb’s spoiled Boxer dog, Lily, has a “meltdown” of epic proportions, but it’s really more of a whine for attention that many dog lovers may recognize.

She mopes and flops on the couch, she cradles her tennis ball, she wags her tail, she gives her mom “puppy dog” eyes while crying the whole time. By 1:39 it becomes obvious that the big crybaby really just wants mom to give her a pet.

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And in case you are worried that Lily is not getting enough petting, don’t worry. One commenter prompted Ginny to “pet her”, to which Ginny responded, “That’s what I’m doing right now 🙂 Miss Lily and I are currently cuddled up in bed together. She has sneaked under the covers and has her head resting on my chest. We’ve decided that it’s too cold to do anything else today except snuggle :)”

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