Lifeguard Catches Sight Of Drowning Child In Busy Wavepool

When I watched this video, I got a whole new appreciation for lifeguards and the work they do. The video captures the few seconds it takes for a swimmer to go from safe to suddenly drowning.

Luckily for the young boy in the pool, the lifeguard was monitoring the swimmers very closely and she springs into action the moment she saw the boy was in danger.

Thank goodness she spotted him in that crowd of people. But for many people, identifying a person drowning can be difficult.

Many lifeguards say that many drowners look like they are trying to climb an imaginary ladder or rope. If you look at the kid in the video below, you’ll see his arms are extended high up above his head and he looks like he’s trying to grab hold of something.

Unfortunately this movement does not provide much buoyancy or support, so the victim will tend to submerge underwater quickly. And contrary to popular belief, many drowning victims are silent and don’t shout for help.

Unfortunately, hundreds of children under the age of 15 drown in pools every year, and many of them occur in residential pools, where there are no lifeguards.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission offers a few tips on staying safe in pools that all adults should be aware of.

1) Keep a constant eye on children around water
2) Teach children how to swim at a young age
3) Learn CPR so you will be prepared in case of an emergency
4) If you have a residential pool, be sure to have proper safety equipment to secure the pool when it is not being used as well as life-saving equipment on hand (like poles and life rings).

This video is a great reminder that even if there is a lifeguard around, to watch children at all times when they are swimming!

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