Terrified Dog Who Would Hide Under His Bed At Shelter Finds A Home

Described as a sweet dog, a Pit Bull Terrier who arrived at a shelter was so scared that he hid under his bed at night.

The Hillsborough County Animal Services shelter staff named him Larry Bird, and when they went to check on him last night and this is how they found him.

Larry Bird dog terrified at shelter

Larry Bird at Hillsborough County Animal Services. Photo credit: Autumn Phillips Perry / Facebook

The heartbreaking photograph was posted to Facebook by Autumn Phillips Perry, who wrote: “He doesn’t like the loud sounds of the other dogs. He is however very sweet but sadly currently in our isolation kennel. He is a “Now Can Go” though. Please ask about him at the front counter.”

He was so frightened and alone! Larry Bird is 2 years old, neutered and described as “very friendly, takes treats gently, need a little training walking on the leash”.

I hope someone helps this sweet little guy get out of the shelter soon!….

**Prayers answered.**

adoptable dog larry bird

Larry Bird is up for adoption. Photo credit: Hillsborough County Animal Services

As of April 8, 2015, Larry has gotten his happy ending! Hillsborough County Animal Services wrote, “Larry Bird goes home! From being abandoned at a basketball court to going to a great home…a very happy tail!!”


Larry Bird with his new dad! Photo credit: Hillsborough County Animal Services

No more scary nights under the bed for Larry!

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