Italian Grandparents Hilariously Freak Out When They Learn Granddaughter Walks Alone At Night

“Meet Helen and Al, my 90-year-old overly loving and overly worrying grandparents.” That’s how Gina introduces her grandparents in a viral video clip.

The two are very concerned that their 18-year-old granddaughter, Gabby, is walking alone while going to class at university and tells her as much while Facetiming with her.

They don’t tell her, so much as berate her and their other granddaughter filming them in the room. “Why are you alone? Why is she alone? She’s just a baby,” cries Helen.

Alan declares “You got grandma upset”. Gina humorously points out, “Italian grandparents NEVER worry…”.

In fact, all grandparents worry, Italian or not! Watch their sweet exchange in the video below. Warning: grandpa does use some strong (NSFW) language.