Injured And Malnourished Wolf Saved From Icy River

A severely injured wolf was rescued from the icy waters of the Limentra, in Camugnano, Italy. He was in a state of hypothermia and appeared close to death when rescuers came to help him. Not only was the wolf malnourished, his hind limbs were paralyzed and his body was riddled with 35 lead pellets.

Police and conservation officers from the Monte Adone Centre for Conservation and Research of Exotic and Wild Fauna first tranquilized him in order to safely get him out of the water.

His heart stopped as soon as he was pulled from the freezing river, so the rescuers fought to revive him. Finally, they successfully got him breathing again.

Named Navarre, the wolf was brought to the Monte Adone Centre for emergency care. He received two weeks of round the clock intensive care and miraculously, he was able to walk again. This video is just incredible.