Family Who Were Sad To Leave Their Dog Behind While They Travel Do Something Extra Special For Him

If you’re a pet parent you’re going to love what this family did for their dog.

Meet Igor. He’s a nice Bulldog from Lillestrøm, Norway.

Igor the bulldog

He hadn’t spent a night away from his family since he joined them when he was little. But when his family had to leave the country for a short trip, Igor had to stay behind.

Igor the bulldog

Instead of being excited about their trip, the Halvorsens were sad because they would miss Igor and he would have to move into a grey, drab kennel.

Igor had to stay at the kennel when his family went on vacation

Igor’s dad, Kai, wanted Igor to feel like he was staying at a home away from home, so he began preparing a surprise for him.


The big day came when Igor had to be left at the kennel. The family brought him in, and Kai’s surprise was revealed.


Kai had lovingly recreated the family’s living room!


Igor immediately made himself comfortable.


He made friends with a St. Bernard named Hera.


Hera liked his place so much she came over to his kennel every day for a visit.


What a loving thing for his family to do!

Here’s a full video of Igor’s home away from home:

It looks like Igor had a wonderful vacation too! Share Igor’s story with your family and friends!