12 Times Huskies Were Caught Perching In Unusual Places

Siberian Huskies have a well-deserved reputation as the escape artists of the canine world. That’s because they have a strong desire to roam free and and keep an eye on what’s going on from up on high.

They have a serious knack for climbing anything, whether it be a rooftop or a fence, which is why you’ll often find a husky perching in an unusual place. Nothing will stop these curious huskies from exploring the world!

1. A cat post makes an excellent lookout.

2. “Roof Husky”

3. Another “roof husky”.

4. “My neighbour’s husky decided to climb the fence, on to the shed roof this morning to say hello.”

5. Husky in coconut tree

6. Just how does a husky scale a fence? Check out this escape artist escape like a ninja!

7. “There was an Alaskan Husky on my flight.”

8. “…wanted to share how my Husky used to wait for my wife to get home.”

9. Maya the Husky also has serious fence climbing skills.

10. Found this Husky Wagon today doing some shopping at a local hardware store…

“The owner said that they were just out for a drive; the huskies go nuts if they try to leave the house without them.”

11. The kitchen counter seems a good place to wait for a meal.

12. “Smug dog scoffs at your attempts to contain him.”

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