Wife Can’t Stop Laughing At Husband Trying To Describe Bad Smelling Women He Ran Into At Store

Have you ever been asked to describe a bad smell to someone and recalling it just makes you want to gag? Darcy Cimarello’s husband had such an experience while telling his wife about an experience he at the store.

He came home looking very pale because there were a few shoppers at the store who smelled really bad.

“Dear Husband had an experience at the store today and was trying to tell me why he looked white as a ghost,” Darcy writes in the video’s description. “Not making fun of the persons involved…I just couldn’t help but to ask him descriptive questions to help him along…priceless! Sorry if it grosses you out, but I’m still laughing hours later.”

I think we’ve all got a story or two like this to tell, especially one that has made our families laugh!

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