Hunky Firefighters Pose With Puppies To Help Raise Funds For Charity

These photos are so hot they may just start a fire. Is there anything hotter than a hunky firefighter posing shirtless? Yes, yes there is. A firefighter posing shirtless while holding an adorable puppy, of course.

A group of very attractive Australian firefighters decided to do just that by participating in the annual Australian Firefighters Calendar which raises funds for charity.

Over the past 25 years, firefighters from across the island have shown off their impressive physiques while cuddling adorable animals to raise donations for multiple charities and this year’s proceeds go to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The firefighters and their cute friends always get lots of attention. After seeing the pictures, one woman proclaimed, “I’m moving to Australia and setting my house on fire.”

We don’t recommend going that far, but it’s easy to see these firefighters every day of the year by purchasing a calendar for your wall.

Take in all the photos below and remember to breathe.

Hey wait, that’s not a puppy, it’s a joey.

These ducklings sure look safe.

This horse is having fun.

So much puppy love.

Talk about a shoulder to lean on.

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