How To Make Beer Can Bacon Burgers

This is a BBQ burger recipe that puts all other BBQ burger recipes to shame. The BBQ Pit Boys show how to make a grilled bacon cheese burger stuffed with what you like, using a beer can to help you make it.

You’ll need:

– Ground chuck burger (80% lean to 20% fat ratio)
– Canned beer
– Pork belly bacon
– Assorted foods for stuffing the burger
– Cheese

First form as many 1/2 to 3/4 quarter pound meatballs as you want to grill. Then take a full beer can and use it as a mold. Push it down into the meatball and form the meatball around the can so it goes halfway up. The next step is to wrap the pork belly bacon around the meatball.

Now remove the can. You’ll now have a nice pocket/burger.

Then add whatever ingredients you want to stuff into the pocket. The Pit Boys cook up beef hash, grilled onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, meat chili, and roast beef!

Once the burgers are stuffed, add chunks of cheese on top. You can add BBQ sauce on top if you like. You’re now ready to grill them for around 1 hour at a medium heat (300 degrees Fahrenheit). The end result is one delicious looking burger. One burger looks like two meals to me!

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