Hotel Draws Attention With Their Unusual ‘Valet Parking’

A Canadian hotel is encouraging visitors to try their new valet parking. But there’s a catch. Rather, something eye-catching about their offer. The Quality Inn off of Highway 11 in in New Liskeard, Ontario decided to have some fun with their ‘valet parking’ according to hotel manager and co-owner Sean Mackey.

They posted a sign out front that says “Ask us about our new valet parking.” However, there’s no need to ask, as what’s out front speaks for itself.

A large snow mound out front of the hotel has cars sticking out of it! Mackey said that the roadside attraction began during the pandemic and has been running for three years. The first year there was one car. The following year a 32-foot RV! This year there are several cars sticking out of the snow heap.

Mackey told CBC News it’s giving passers-by a laugh although he says some people actually think it’s real. He added jokingly that they do tell their clients it’s “use at your own risk.”

For those wondering, the cars are borrowed from a local wreckage lot and will be returned to the lot after winter passes.

Ontarians and YouTubers Howey Bros. also shared their take on the seasonal attraction.

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