Man Films Something Horrifying Bursting From Banana

If you don’t check over your fruit before eating it, this video serves as a wake-up call. It looks like a regular banana until the 0:17 mark. Then my gut churned because something horrifying emerges from inside the fruit…

If this happened to me, I’d be running from the kitchen as fast as I could! The videographer wisely decided to eat an apple after the frightening experience.

Update: If this scared you as much as it scared me, there’s good news. Berlin resident Kaleb Lechowski created this video using special effects.

“I used a chopstick to pierce the banana from behind,” he explained. “Then I removed the stick from the image and inserted a spider that I created, using Blender, the 3D software.”

Good job, Kaleb – I almost swore off bananas completely!

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