Home Depot Employees Build Special Wagon For Elderly Dog With Cancer

If this story demonstrates anything, it’s that there are many kind people in the world willing to help lend a helping hand if they can. For this elderly dog with cancer, it means being able to enjoy life in the time he has remaining.

Ike is going on 15-and-a-half years old. The dog was rescued by Risa Feldman 12 years ago and ever since then, the two have been inseparable. Feldman explained to ABC News that one of Ike’s favorite past-times is people watching. “He’s so happy to watch everybody,” Feldman told the news channel. “It’s his favorite thing to do. He’ll lay there in the sun.”

But the elderly dog has a much harder time doing the things he loves after being diagnosed with cancer. The cancer is in one of his back legs and makes it difficult for him to get around. Although Feldman has a special harness and wheelchair to help him walk, Ike tires out easily. Looking for a better solution, Feldman went to her local Home Depot in Manhattan Beach, California, and asked for help modifying a cart for her dog.

Employee Ernesto Moran told her he’d think about it and give her a call. Instead, he and his co-worker Justin Wadman ended up designing and building a special wagon for Ike and giving it to her for free. “Ike’s Trike” even has a small ramp to help the dog climb in all on his own.

Their generosity didn’t end there. ABC News reported that they are also building a ramp for Feldman’s car too.

“I offered to build this for her and let her know that it’s something that Home Depot offers – giving back to our customers,” Moran explained to ABC News.

Lisa was very touched by their kind gesture she contacted the news station to tell them about it. As for Ike, Lisa says his face lights up. No doubt because he knows he can go do what he enjoys – watching what people are getting up to!

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