DIY Mason Jar Luminaries That Will Light Up Your Home For The Holidays

Looking for a fun and festive decoration for your mantle or table scape? Here are two fun holiday luminaries made with Mason jars. For the first video you’ll need:

– glass jars
– a black paint pen
– gold spray paint
– holiday stencils (printed out on paper)
– candles

For the second mason jar DIY project, you’ll create a charming winter scene in a jar. For this, you’ll need:

– glass jars
– glitter
– a Sharpie or black paint pen
– acrylic paint
– holiday stencils
mod podge

There is also the option of making Mason Jar holiday terrariums (without candles). These can feature whatever holiday scene your imagination comes up with. You also can use larger containers like fish bowls instead of mason jars. LED lights can also be added to give the winter scenes a glow!

What I like about these mason jar projects is you can choose whatever design and decoration you want, which makes them perfect for a family arts and crafts days.

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And if you have a few leftover Mason jars, check out this video for making portable cakes in Mason jars.

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