Grizzly Bear Casually Walks On Concrete Barriers Like A Tightrope Walker

A driver in Stewart, British Columbia, Canada got a surprise when out driving on the highway when he spotted a grizzly bear walking by the side of the road. The bear wasn’t just walking along the Cassiar-Stewart highway, he was walking on top of a thin meridian!

The man marvels at the bear’s balancing skills on the concrete barriers, commenting how much the bear resembles “a tightrope walker.”

The “big guy” saunters past the car and glances over at the driver, who opts not to stare back but continue on his way. Wise choice given that he already noted how thin the bear is from hibernating and is no doubt on the prowl for food.

Bonus video:

A brown bear in this video shot in Whistler, BC, casually jaywalks across a main intersection and takes a bathroom break in front of a driver.

“I saw this bear start to walk across the road on my left and when the light turned green, the car in front of me drove away, which confused the bear a little bit, and he looked at me as if wondering what my next move was,” says the woman who filmed the video. “I decided to stay put and let him cross the road – since pedestrians have the right of way after all!”

She adds, “I’ve lived in Whistler for over 20 years, and although we see bears all the time in the spring, I have never seen a bear cross at a set of traffic lights like that.”

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