Out-Of-Town Dad Plans Hilarious Christmas Surprise For His Parents

Kellen Pierce’s grandparents were taken completely by surprise when their family arranged a special surprise for them for Christmas.

“My dad conspired with my aunt and her husband to surprise my grandparents for Christmas,’ writes Kellen as way of introduction to the video below.

He’s in the car with his grandparents and uncle (who is driving) when they are notice a homeless man outside of their car at a stop light. Grandma is scrounging through her purse for cash to give to the man and hands it over to Grandpa who gives it to the man. But they are taken aback the uncle offers the man a ride and they are in utter disbelief when they see who it is!

It’s Kellen’s dad, who flew into town to surprise his parents for Christmas. Kellen notes “My grandma never swears” but that doesn’t stop her this time!

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