Man Touches Frog And Is Surprised By Its Reaction

The man in this video reaches down to touch this frog on the floor of his home and as soon as he touches it, it reacts in a way I’ve never seen before!

The frog is startled by the attention and lets out a shriek! Apparently, frogs will scream like this to ward off predators. The cry is meant to startle the predator away. Some people believe this is a Lepidobatrachus or Budgett’s frog. The species is found in South America.

Experts recommend that amphibians should be handled with care, not only for the animal’s protection but for yours as well. Just as the skin of an amphibian is sensitive to chemical residue that can come from human hands (e.g. perfume, hand lotion), humans and pets can absorb toxins from an amphibian if they are touched. It’s best, then, to wear gloves if you ever need to pick one up or use other means to not harm the frog or yourself.

If you are in doubt with how to handle a frog, try contacting your local wildlife animal rescue for advice on what to do.

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