Friends Hang Poster Of Themselves At McDonald’s, Their Viral Prank Goes Unnoticed For Months

Two friends from Texas were able to sneak a large picture of themselves onto the wall of a McDonald’s restaurant, where it went undetected for nearly two months.

When Christian Toledo and Jehv Maravilla visited their local Mcdonald’s in Pearland, Texas, they noticed there were no pictures of Asians in any of the posters. It wasn’t quite as diverse as they liked, so the two friends came up with the idea of putting their own picture up on the wall.

Christian and Jehv created a fake poster by posing as students and mimicking the style of the other ones. Then they had to figure out how to put it on the wall. As luck would have it, Jehv found a McDonald’s uniform in the goodwill and with the help of a few friends they succeeded in hanging their poster on the wall, where it remained unnoticed for 52 days until Jehv tweeted about it.

Rather than get into trouble, the two students heard from the local franchisee who applauded the students’ creativity and hopes to see them in their restaurant again. Jehv and Christian are hoping their prank will open the eyes to corporate McDonalds and maybe they’ll even consider using them as ad models in the future.

Jevh detailed the unusual caper in a YouTube video entitled “We Became McDonald’s Poster Models,” which explained how he and Christian were able to pull it off. You can watch their fun prank in the video below.

The pair’s viral stunt has caught a lot of media attention. You can see the two interviewed in the video below.