French Bulldog Becomes Obsessed With Watching The Fish Tank Her Parents Brought Home

Sophie the French Bulldog’s parents brought home a fish tank and since then, the small dog has become obsessed with watching the new fish.

emikeii shared photos of Sophie gazing at the fish and wrote, “My dog would not leave the fishtank all weekend. We couldn’t even get her to eat…”

“Sophie discovers the fishtank.”

“Fish are friends, not food.”

“Need to move the ottoman? Not a problem!”

“Whatcha doing?”

“Tank covered in towel = her own personal theater!”

I think Sophie has found a new passion in life – fish! It must be so much more entertaining to look at this glass box with real-live animals inside versus watching television!

Sophie is not the only dog who loves this past-time. Leonardo the dog has also taken up fish watching as a hobby.

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