Woman Captures Terrifying Moment Tsunami Of Ice Encroaches On Her Home

It looks like a scene out of a disaster flick – an unstoppable flow of ice creeping over the ground and inching towards your home. But that’s what happened when Darla Johnson and her family were visiting their recreational home in Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota a few years ago.

She captures the “ice tsunami” as it rises out of the lake and rapidly pushes towards the resort homes. You can hear the panic sink begin to sink in as Darla warns her son to keep back as the ice pushes closer and closer to her home.

In just 15 minutes the ice heaved onto the resort grounds and damaged homes as residents look helplessly on. Strong winds caused the water on the surface of the lake to instantly freeze and expand.

It’s both fascinating and terrifying to watch!

Please note that this video includes adult language near the end when the encroaching ice gets very worrisome.

Freezing fog is a separate weather phenonomen that has a similar effect. Take a look at these eerie photos taken in Hungary after a freezing fog descended on a town.