How To Make Flavored Vodka With Jolly Ranchers Candy

Vodka on its own is a strong and usually flavorless alcohol. That’s why the folks at Tipsy bartender came up with a way to add a punchy, sweet flavor to vodka drinks by adding Jolly Ranchers candy! Jolly Ranchers come in 5 flavors: blue raspberry, watermelon, sour apple, cherry and grape so there are lots of tastes to pick.

To make this concoction you’ll need:

– glass containers for each flavor you want to make
– Jolly Rancher candies
– vodka

The recipe calls for 12 Jolly Ranchers of one flavor per litre of vodka, but the portion of vodka to candy is entirely up to your taste buds! Obviously the more candies used the sweeter the drink will be.

Simply unwrap and add the Jolly Ranchers into the glass container and then fill it with vodka. Wait 24 hours so that the Jolly Ranchers have dissolved and you are done. This drink mix has the extra bonus of making very colorful drinks too!

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