Firefighters Come To Rescue Of Deer Stuck in Sewer

A deer in Alabama got himself stuck in a tight spot – a storm drain. Firefighters from the Troy Fire Department received a call to let them know a deer was stuck in a sewer.

The poor deer was peering out but had no way to get out.

deer stuck in sewer

Troy Fire Department

“This deer found himself in a tight place with no way out! You never know what the next call will bring!” the department captioned the Facebook post. The firefighters shared video of the deer’s rescue. Using a combination of straps and a blanket over the deer’s head to keep him from panicking, they worked together to haul him out of the manhole.


After successfully pulling the deer out of the sewer, the firefighters carefully removed the blanket and straps and watched happily as he sprung to his feet and ran off into the woods.

Troy Fire Department

Said the firefighters, “The guys are always happy to help! Best job ever!” Kudos guys!

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