25 More Photos of a Dog Hiding In Plain Sight

Momo the Border Collie loves to hide! His guardian, photographer Andrew Knapp travels throughout North America with Momo. On their adventures, Andrew takes photos of Momo hiding somewhere in the scenery and has created a fun pictorial game he calls “Find Momo”.

Reshareworthy.com shared Andrew and Momo’s photos before, so if you haven’t found Momo in those photos, make sure you check them out!

Here’s an easy one to start with, just you know what Momo looks like.

1. Find Momo somewhere in Old Town Vegas!

2. Find Momo in the Krog Street tunnel!

3. Find Momo in an office space.

4. Find Momo at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas.

5. Find Momo in Marfa, TX

6. Find Momo in a parking garage!

7. Find Momo in Austin!

8. Find Momo on the Strombo show.

9. Find Momo at the pineapple fountain.

10. Find Momo in a postal service truck lot!

11. Find Momo in downtown Asheville!

12. Find Momo dumpster diving

13. Find Momo in the Painted Desert!

14. Find Momo in Gainesville, GA!

15. Find Momo where I found winter!

16. Find Momo at an abandoned Inn.

17. Find Momo in Newnan, GA!

18. Find Momo in Peachtree City, Georgia!

19. Find Momo at an abandoned McDonalds (Tempe, AZ)

20. Find Momo in Washington DC.

21. Find Momo at a vacant storefront.

22. Find Momo in a parking lot.

23. Find Momo at a haunted house.

24. Find Momo in a lumber pile.

25. Find Momo in Tulsa, OK!

Click here to search for Momo in more photographs!

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