Family Works To Reunite Baby Fox They Rescued With His Mom

Genevieve McKechnie’s family found a fox kit doing poorly in their backyard. Gen’s 5-year-old daughter had found him stuck in between their fence and let her know he needed help. They named the baby animal Foxee.

They called around to wildlife rescues right away, but they were told they couldn’t help them because of the COVID lockdown, so the family started taking care of the fox in their home. They fed him and kept him warm and clean.

Foxee got stronger really quickly and they knew they wanted to reunite him with his mother so they began to leave him outside at different times of day to see if his mom would return.

The mama fox did come back but she was too scared of the family to approach her baby. Instead she destroyed their garden overnight, sending a clear message to them that she wanted her baby back! That’s when the family came up with a plan to reunite Foxee with his mom.

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