Family Converts 80-Year-Old Barn Into Stunning Home

Andrew Towne never dreamed that the dusty, old barn he played in as a child would become an amazing modern home for his family.

Andrew grew up in Medina, Ohio on his family’s farm. He used to play in the hayloft of the 80-year-old barn, which originally had horses in it.

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Throughout elementary school Andrew was friends with Crystal Madrilejos and the pair became high school sweethearts before they ended up marrying and moving into the farm house on Andrew’s family’s property.

When the farm house grew too small for their growing family, Andrew’s mom suggested they convert the barn.

After determining the barn was structurally sound, they hired a company that specialized in converting old barns into livable homes.

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The result was an open plan space that still manages to be a warm, cozy home. They also kept the original interior roof frame which is spectacular and one-of a-kind.

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Downstairs has the bedrooms and bathrooms and the upstairs has the main living space; it even has a reading nook. The barn also has employed top-notch engineering to make the heating and cooling as energy efficient as possible.

When it was completed, the barn looked nothing like the dilapidating structure that had been there before.

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Take a walk through the finished home and get more details on the work that went into the conversion in the video below.

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