Family Dog Mauls Little Girl’s Elf On The Shelf, ER Team Comes to the Rescue

An injured Elf on the Shelf got some VIP treatment after it was brought to the emergency unit of a children’s hospital in Orlando, Florida, to get patched up.

Jenn Thelan’s daughter, Aubrie, was distraught when she discovered Sam the Elf mauled by their family dog, Zoey.

Jenn works at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and brought the injured elf to her work that morning. After some careful planning, the medical team agreed to heal the poor elf. They wheeled him into the trauma bay and worked their magic on restoring the elf to good health. The team used expired medical products and also used a special pair of Santa’s “magic gloves”.

“One of our ER team members, Ashley, carefully put Sam back together again and bandaged his injuries all up,” Arnold Palmer Hospital wrote. “She even sprinkled some Christmas magic (glitter) on Sam when she was done.”

“Sam was able to go home to Aubrie later that evening,” the staff wrote. “Jenn showed her all the videos and pictures of Sam’s day at the Arnold Palmer Hospital ER. The magic of Christmas and Sam the Elf continues for Aubrie. Sam is now back on his shelf and mom will definitely make sure that he is out of Zoey’s reach.”

Watch the magical surgery in the video below.

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