Elderly Couple On Metro Surprise Passengers With Dance Off As Rappers Sing

An elderly couple started an impromptu dance party on a metro train in Barcelona while listening to some rappers. The cute moment was caught on camera by one of the commuters and the video quickly has gone viral amassing millions of views after it was posted to social media.

In the video, some young rappers are singing on the train, busking for money. An elderly gentleman gets up and gives one of the rappers a coin. He’s about to sit down again but thinks better of it and instead, invites his wife to dance. But she shrugs him off, at which point he asks a younger woman, who does take him up on his offer. His wife is affronted, jokingly exclaiming “what about me?” She starts looking for a younger man to dance with her and soon coaxes one to dance with her. Soon the entire train joins in on the fun clapping, laughing and cheering.

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