How To Make An Edible ‘Kong’ Alternative For Your Dog That’s Tasty And Easy To Make

I’m always on the lookout for new edible treats to entertain my dog. Here’s one that is a great alternative to a Kong-filled treat – a cored apple filled with peanut butter!

All you need to make this doggie treat is an apple, an apple corer and peanut butter. Note: Granny Smith apples are the lowest in sugar, followed by Golden Delicious.


All you need to do to make this goodie is:

1. Core the apple (make sure to remove all the seeds, as apple seeds contain cyanide and are bad for dogs to eat)


2. Fill it with peanut butter! (make sure it’s not a brand that contains xylitol)


As peanut butter is high in calories and fat you can try using less fattening alternatives if you’re worried about your dog’s weight. For instance you could try filling it with canned pumpkin or putting some kibble in it and sealing the top and bottom with a bit of peanut butter. Or, if your dog is not a fan of peanut butter, you could try using cream cheese or another buttery alternative you know they love!

This treat idea is so simple I know I will be giving it a try. Share this tip with your dog-loving friends and family!

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