Dramatic Photos Of Buffalo New York’s Epic Snowstorm

An epic snowstorm touched down in Buffalo, New York on November 18, 2014 leaving the city buried under several feet of snow. The storm blanketed homes and streets making it impossible for many residents to step outside of their front doors. The record snow-fall shut down the city’s roadways and ravaged the region, effectively closing down the city.

Below is a time-lapse video of the “Lake Effect” snow. Cold wind blowing across the Great Lakes creates “instant” snow, and much like a snow maker. The blizzard blew across the city, bringing everything to a halt.

Note: the photos below may take a few seconds to load.

Many people shared dramatic photos of the incredible weather event. Here is a photo of the lake-effect snow.

Another photo of the lake-effect snow from the air.

Many residents awoke to this sight when they opened their front doors.

Some homes sustained much more damage.

Rescue crews and firefighters had difficulty reaching people in distress, and resorted to using snowmobiles or walking on foot.

Motorways and roads were shut down, stranding many commuters.

People have been doing their best to continue their daily routines.


“My dog compared to the Snowfall here in Buffalo.” Photo credit: Imgur

Countless others have been slowly digging themselves out.

Photo credit: Instagram/Josh Sorrentino

But it will be some time before the city will be able to remove the snow and for things to get back to business as usual.

The winter weather is expected to continue for a few more days in the region.

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